Big Brother!!!!

A toast to all the wonderful bros out here!!!!

Have you ever been on the lot who has once wished they had a bro??

Have  you ever had the privilege to be the only sister of an incredible bro????

If not , you know, you miss something…. something priceless…  especially if you are a girl… Atleast thats what i feel…

Im contented with the way things are… Im blessed with a sister and ofcourse  i love her and cherish being with her!!!

I had this pipe dream about being  sister of a brilliant bro… not that i dont love my sister or feel great about her. I was fascinated and moved  by some real life experiences shared by my friends. It just occurred to me that being a younger sister would make my life interesting!!!

 Its not very long since I started getting close to my cousin bro… Hang on… Did I say “cousin” bro???? See this is the catch!!! It comes out automatically… You know he is not your own bro… whatever you do, this thought lingers….If someone is not your blood, you tend to pull away!! But I realized thats wrong… The prejudice “blood is thicker than water” has to be renounced!!!

Bro!!!! I agnise there are certain relations in this world which is as thick as or  is  thicker than blood!!!

I remember those days when you used to give me all kinds of support .. You gave me advice on many things and taught me how to react to situations…

You gave me moral support and courage to face many problems in life.. There was a phase in my life when I had no one to flush out my heart but U!!! I still remember the pain you took to keep me going and make my life happening.. I had no one but you!!!!

My heart was light and i slept in peace…

I cherish the memories of that wonderful rainy eve… that ride  , how i yelled on top of my voice and sang as loud as i can!!!We got home all drenched … We had tea together and lazed in the park… You narrated your valiant tales of college life and i was all ears… The very thought of the pranks we used to play and how you used to make faces and acted dumb when we go out  still forces a smile on my face and i can feel the giggles rising inside me!!!!

Now i realize how splendid  those days were …. It was a wonderful time Bro!!!! Now that you are away and far, Im just  living in those memories… I miss a lot!!!

Now the prefixes have faded away!!! You are my bro and im your little sister!!! That will be forever and a day!!!!!

6 thoughts on “Big Brother!!!!

  1. Divs,man I wish I had a bro.I can make out ur longing in d post:) gud start girl .sandeep wil b happy to see ur post 😉


    1. thnx Maria…. but actually its not sandeep… Its vipin… Sandy??? my bro??? no way!!! hehehe… he is my grt friend!!! 😉 he ll be angry when he sees this.. hehehe


  2. Njaaan ee doookly blogs onnum vaayikkaathathu kondu i din notice this blog… 🙂 btw: me aint your bro? ha? ##%^&*$*(

    Maria: U need a brother rite? 😀


  3. nalla polappan aayittundallo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ee jaathi items okkke kaiyil undo???nyways gr8…………..ini enna nammale okke patti ezhutha…….waiting 4 response……………………….:P


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