A Flashback!!!

Chapter 1
My Friend

I had a friend… A great friend!! We had 4 years of our life together in the same hostel, in the same room.. Our beds lay side by side, our plates and books were kept together in the same cupboard. We shared everything, even the silliest thing. She named me Dolly which eventually became my name…. to an extent that i forgot my real name was Diana. We took care of each other when we were sick, gave support in times of need. we shopped together, watched movies, played all kinds of cockamamie games together…

Weekends we used to visit each other’s house. We watched horror movies together and declared we can watch extremely terrific movies together even though our hearts shuddered vehemently. We were like two peas in a pod. We stayed awake and passed countless nights talking about our first crush, our future plans – when it comes to her “MY FRIEND” i could open my heart n speak anything i want…. things i could not share with my own… things i cannot speak to myself.


Finally, came the last days in the college after a trek of 4 years. We were proud as a peacock when we were done with the finishing touches of our courseand came to know we had no backlogs!! that is a great achievement as far as an engineering student is concerned.
it was the time for departure but in our hearts we knew we will be together .. forever.. No matter what, our friendship is going to sail in the crystal clear ocean forever and ever – we called each other almost every day – spoke about what we did all day… i was just like what we thought would be between two frens…. sorry i should say 2 sisters now.


After few years…
One morning…
Im sitting in front of my PC with my mailbox opened. 5unread mails. I opened the first one.
It read…
Hi Sharon,
Rose here.. I just want to get rid of you from my life. It would be great if you can  forget me and just to cut it short I don’t want you to keep mailing or calling me. Go ahead with your life. Nothing much..
What was that???? I am completely dumbfounded. I don’t know what has happened. I have no idea about anything that has happened.. is she kidding.?? May be.. No.. why did she do this to me?…..

I fumbled for the mouse and scrolled the mail until I can see the date and time sent, she had sent it the previous night at 1.30am which made me believe that there is no way she would be kidding, i reached out to my phone and tried calling her  – but her number is not in use, I realised she changed her number, tears rolled down my eyes…  

.I panicked. I could feel the gush of blood inside my head. My hands froze. Im sitting on the chair staring blankly at the monitor. I cant move. I wanted to call out for help ,but my voice box stopped functioning for a moment. With great hassle i got up from the chair and walked towards the washroom, thats the only place i could cry my heart out without my parents or frens knowing about it…..   

 I palmed the frothy water and threw it on my face. My head was hot and I can feel the cold water soothing my nerves. I sense a slight relief. I grabbed the towel and gave my face a quick rub.
Thrusting onto the couch I forced myself to relax a bit.
i thought to myself “Ok… think.. where have I gone wrong?? What has happened between us?”
I know its nothing. Its all usual. We fight but even before we know it, we start laughing and realize it was for fun.we get along very well. something like this has never happened between us.. not even once. That’s whats worrying me… I need to figure this out!! I don’t have an option I just have to clear this out.. I have completely gone haywire.
I rested my head on the pillow and now my mind is more tranquil..
All the thoughts about my college came to my mind back to back…..

……….to be continued..

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