A Flashback!!! chapter 2

Chapter 2

The Preparation

That evening…

I was very much excited to pack my stuff. I had all new things around me… Clothes, sandals, bags, toiletries, make up stuff n everything…  I pulled out the new bag from the closet and started stuffing it. I opened the cupboard and took out the new pair of clothes and sandals and pushed it inside the bag. Suddenly I remembered the new pair of nightdresses which I had bought the previous day. I ran downstairs to get it from my mom. My face was enlightened when I was done with my packing. The bag was very heavy and I couldn’t carry it all alone. I dragged it behind me until I reached downstairs. It occurred to me as if I’m going for a holiday. I was not aware of the troubles awaiting me which is inevitable for a normal college going girl like me. On top of that it’s a professional college and I have heard of all those awful ragging events that have been happening all around the world. But Im going to be a free bird, I’m going to let my hair down. The very thought of liberty fetched butterflies inside my stomach..

I came downstairs to see my mom cooking in the kitchen. Dad can’t be seen anywhere.. He might have gone out to buy something. It’s a very common and recurring incident in our house. Mom will keep forgetting stuff while shopping and dad has to buy it the very last minute. He will shout for some time and finally gives up and go out to buy it. I peered to see what mom is doing. “Mom, what are u cooking??” I asked… “im making some Rotis dear” she replied.. “ oh.. ok.. im gonna sleep. Need to get up early tomorrow. I need to catch some sleep” I said. “No, wait… it will be ready in an hour. Eat and sleep…” Mom said.. “What???? Did you say one hour??? You mean one hour to make 4 rotis???” its better to starve than to wait one hour and eat those rotis… why are you taking so long mom???” I asked furiously… mom turned towards me and said  “ don’t have the flour sweety. Dad has gone to get it. He ll be back soon and I shall make it in 5 mins. Meanwhile you watch tv. Your favorite program is being played in the tv now”. I know its all her trick to keep me waiting.. whenever I watch tv she comes out with an angry face and howls at me “cant you sit and learn something???” that’s her favorite question I guess…  now she is forcing me to watch tv… uhmm.. I know its all fake..

So what I guessed was right. Dad went out to buy wheat flour.. im sure even if I wait for 1 hour im not gonna have my dinner in an hours time . First of all dad has to be back, which will easily take an hour and a half. Because he has gone to his friends shop. His friend is a merchant. Our place is  no more a village. It has all sorts of malls, supermarkets and 5star hotels and resorts. But even then dad will buy groceries only from his friends shop. and about the shop.. it’s a highly improverished shop with old weighing machines and one can easily find 2-3 rats running around the corner or around the rice sacks.. they packed materials using the conventional method. I mean they still used paper and twines and most of the times had to carry the stuff in hand. They dint have a plastic bag of their own. Most of the times the expiry dates would have vanished from the bottles making it obvious that the products have  expired ages back. It is ridiculous.. in this era you ought to be competitive.  And next to this shop is the modish  super market  where we get  the whole kit and boodle. He is missing the boat by not taking the initiative to be on par with them..But still dad has to go to this wretched shop to get stuff for home. Me and mom had fought with him for countless times.. but nogo..

I made my way to my bedroom without any noise. If mom sees me im sure she is gonna catch fire. Before I could complete my mission she came out of the kitchen with a cup of milk.” I know you are going to sleep. Atleast have this dear” she pleaded   and handed the cup to me.. with great difficulty I gulped it and returned the cup.” Goodnite mom..” I said.” Goodnite dear. Are u sure u have packed all your stuff?? Do you want to check one more time??” mom asked. “ no mom.. I m done.. sure” I said.

I jumped on to the bed and pulled the covers over my head . Thoughts and dreams hauled to me sleep.. I slept off waiting for the alarm peals to be rung..

to be continued….

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