The day has finally arrived… The day which is going to make the major make over in her life.. She wudnt have even dreamt about it… she should be able to accept the truth that she is going to get married to someone who is more than a stranger to her,leaving her beloved behind…

Its the story of my friends…The story of a perfect couple who wished to spend their lifetime together….

They had a perfect love story to share….A story that can still trigger happiness in their lives.. A story that makes them feel elated and excited..

It was not with a handful of benevolence that he approached her.But her agape love made a drastic transformation in his life that he started to learn the virtues of life.. Their profound love could overwhelm all the griefs and agony in their life..

It was his b’day.. She wanted to present him with the best gift anybody could ever dream of…. She was quite raw in the town and she was at sea..the fact that she had only that evening left , made her very very upset..
How about a golden ring..?? She knows its not the perfect gift one can have… but she was not left with many options..something just flashed through her brain… she grabbed her handbag and dashed out,.. She wandered through the streets like a covetous soul. she managed to get a cute ring after spending very long hours…There was nothing great about the ring ,but she had a feeling that he would just looove the ring…She quickly decided to have it and was soaked in dreams…

The next day she met him and just couldnt wait to present her sweet heart with the sweetest gift one could ever have… It was not just a ring for her… It had all her love,dedication and care for him smeared on it..
She stretched out her hand with a smile on her face…. She was just longing for a warm hug… She asked him to close his eyes.. He was perplexed to see her unusual manners …But he yielded because he could not even accept the trace of sorrow on her face… He loved and cared for her so much… After making sure that he has closed his eyes she glided the ring over his soft finger with eternal bliss spilled out from her soul..She sensed the tenderness of his heart ….
He couldnt wait to open his eyes to see how the ring looks like..He was totally astounded to see the cute ring with a white diamond.. ..”What else can take a man to the heights of happiness..”He thought loud..
They never had a different opinion..Their fights were just a cause to enjoy the sweetness of the love they shared…
They were ready to do anything for one another….

But their days of happiness dint last forever..
Now that today she is getting married to a stranger…. what would have happened in their life????
I could feel the heaviness of her heart today..
I could sense the melancholy strain she is trying to suppress.
I could find the patches of grief hidden under her bridal make up…
Her eyes were sunken.. I knew she couldnt sleep last night…
I was dumbfound.. I felt uneasy and wanted to get the hell out of the place…I dint wait to see that stranger holding her hands….
With all the goodness , i wished her a very happy life from the bottom of my heart…

*Was it a break up??? No..It could never be…It was not a puppy love… They had the same wavelength and they treasured their love…
*Was it a kind of cheating??? but… who cheated and for what??? it cannot be the reason as they adored each other…
*What else can it be??????

I still dont have an answer…
Is this what is called FATE?????

4 thoughts on “FATE WINS AGAIN!!!!

  1. you have done a good job in describing an unforgettable turning point in one’s life with such simple and meaningful words.. Nice work..


  2. Amazing. Once again this post reminded the cruel fact that all love stories doesn’t have the happy ending. While reading it, I could relate it with some real life events which I hv seen.

    Good narration n good expression.


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