A flashback- Chapter 3!

Chapter 3

The Salutation

     The alarm woke me at 5 in the morning. I heaved myself out of the bed and went to the washroom for a shower. I quickly grabbed the dress which i had neatly ironed and minutes later I was downstairs all geared up for the new mission. A heavy breakfast awaited me on the table. The used plates and glasses and left over of food made the table terribly untidy. But it was a brilliant table made of thick brown tinted glass and the chairs were high, made of wood and beautifully carved. I always liked that table. I slightly pulled out a chair and quietly sat down to have breakfast. I could hear the car honking outside the door. “We are already late”, came a voice from behind. It is none other than dad. I knew it. I knew I was going to be late. I quickly swallowed everything and rushed to the kitchen to throw my plates to the sink.

          “Sis, why can’t you ever be on time??” I turned back to see my cousin holding my bag. She walked towards the car with my bag. I snatched it from her as if in anger and said” You shut up!! Don’t act smart, I’ll kick your arse!!” she smiled at me and kissed me.” Goodbye sweetie. Shall see you over the weekend” I said and kissed her back. She was a very sweet girl. She spent most of the time with me than with her parents. She was very much lovable.

      I quickly got into the car and closed the door.

Mornings are always serene. The sky was misty. I could hear birds chirping on the trees. Old folks shambled and found their ways to temple. Small children in uniform waited for school buses on the road. Everyone was looking forward to a wonderful day.

Moments later we were at the grand entrance of the Engineering College. It had the letters ‘GEC’ inscribed on it. The gate was opened wide as if to welcome me to that majestic institution. It was an iron gate totally rusted. I saw hundreds of names engraved on it.

                             I got down from the car and landed peacefully. To my amazement the college was vast and I gawked at its vastness. Hot air blew against my face and my hair fluttered in the air. Hot sun fell on the bare roads and the mirages shined like pools of water. Roads branched out to various departments. I turned around to analyze the campus. Towards the right was a splendid gallery which accommodated hundreds of people. It was surrounded by huge trees and the shades were absolutely peace giving.

 I saw young sweethearts with their hands adhered together loitering merrily in the campus. For a moment I thought it was a park. Some of them sat behind the bushes and were involved in their naughty business whereas some of them quarreled with each other and threw stones and books at each other. Behind the gallery was the canteen which appeared as a stable to me. Pupils gushed in and out of the canteen elbowing each other very rudely.

“Excuse me?? Are you a new comer?” a voice interrupted me. 

“Yes” I answered without paying attention.

“Shall we proceed to the class? We are supposed to fill in some form”

“Yea, of course” I said and ran towards my parents to inform them about it. I dashed towards the block which projected a huge board. It proclaimed “Civil Engineering Department”

              I found a cozy corner for myself and started off with the mighty form filling session. No sooner had she sat next to me than I realized that she was following me. My head spun towards her to watch her alight beside me. I watched her carefully. She was pretty. She had very beautiful eyes and I agnised I was gazing at her when she turned towards me. Her eyes were radiant and seductive. She had an oval face and a broad forehead. She was short and wore a red salwar. I peered to see her address on the form. It was then I realized she had an incredible handwriting. She smiled blissfully.

Oh god!! I hate it!! She had braces. I just hate the way people talk with their braces on and shower considerable amount of saliva to the listeners face. I wanted to pull away from her.

Meantime the teacher glided in and collected the forms and allotted classes for all her pupils. The gang dispersed.

              It was time for me to go to my hostel. Yes. Hostel. When I think about it what captures my mind is a clean room with a pair of tables and cots neatly arranged cupboards for storage, a super clean mess hall where delicious food would be served without any reiteration. I always wanted to stay in a hostel. The very thoughts of it enthralled me.

“Aren’t you getting down? We have reached” Dad’s voice awakened me from my sweet dream. “Yes. Yes.” I chanted with excitement and jumped out of my car with bells on.

But something killed my happiness.

“What???But… No it can’t be… how can I…?? No… “I blubbered and covered my face. Tears started to trickle down. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

To be continued….

5 thoughts on “A flashback- Chapter 3!

  1. Divs kutti…i dunno wat 2 say..m getting hooked on 2 d story now!!! jus make sure a certain ‘someone’ doesnt sue u! 😉


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