The Inaugural Indi blogger’s meet overseas

I got down at City Hall mrt and made my way to Esplanade mall. I could hear my phone ringing and I hunted around in my bag to find it. Ah it was none other than Maria. I was expecting her call.

“Hello, yeah Maria I’m almost there. Where are you?”

“I am here in front of the restaurant,Divya. You will be able to find me once you are here” She replied.

“Ok ok. See you in a minute. “I cut the call and walked even faster. I couldn’t control my excitement.

Finally I reached there and took out my phone to call her and there she stood in front of me with a huge grin. I hugged her and we took a walk around the mall, hoping the rest of them to join soon.

 We scrutinized all Indians who walked past us for a “blogger look”. Since I was held up with work I hadn’t got enough time to go through everyone’s blogs and pictures. But still I had found time and surfed some of the blogs which included Chriz’s, Abhijeets’s, Krunal’s, Sushant’s and of course Maria’s.

“I think that is Chriz” Maria said doubtfully.

“Oh yeah it is him!” I replied.

I came to know from Maria that he had a slight fever. We didn’t expect  that he would turn up. But to our surprise he made it. He was shelled inside a thick jacket.

“Are you sure you will be fine? You should have just stayed back and took rest” Maria said with lot of concern.

” No, I’m fine” Chriz replied.

After the normal introductions, we planned to move towards the Mirchi’s Kebab Factory, which seemed to be the perfect rendezvous for Indians like us! There we noticed a guy who seemed to be a bit shy loitering all the way along the hallway. He was none other than Sushant. We picked him as we walked towards the Restaurant.

                It was a cozy and splendid eatery. We walked in and the waiter led us to the table reserved for 12pax. The dim lights and the ambience were incredible. We sat down and made ourselves comfortable. Slowly the gang fell in. Krunal, Abhijeet, Honey, Jamshed, Avinash, Krithika and Anirudh. We started off with the ice breaking session, i.e. the normal introduction and stuff like that. Our discourse started with blogs which branched out to hobbies, work, food habits, family, and cosmetics and lot more. I should say we didn’t fail to establish a perfect rapport among ourselves. We had a splendid time. We all agnised that it was a brilliant idea to catch up and appreciated Maria for her enterprisingness.

                The table was embellished with starters and drinks. The mouthwatering kebabs and paneer tikkas made us drool. Time flew. I was working the next day and since I didn’t want my littlie to sleep off without seeing me, I had to wind up the meeting.

                We got up and made our way towards MRT. I realized it had been a wonderful evening and we were chatting and laughing or hearts out as though we had known each other for a very long time. We spoke about movies, teased the “Kiddo” of our gang (hope you all know who it isJ), lost our way and finally made it to the MRT. It was 9PM and the shops were closing down. Slowly the gang started to disperse.   

I waved goodbye and walked towards the train. The taste of the scrumptious kebab still lingered in my mouth and along with it the sweet memories of the gathering.

I thank each and every one of you who assisted in making this event a grand success. I also Thank Maria for taking the initiative.

Cheers guys!!!!

14 thoughts on “The Inaugural Indi blogger’s meet overseas

  1. We have a bunch of early starters here. Wish I cud pull myself out of bed more often.

    @divs: good post. Do u get to take a day off for having to work on a weekend?


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