An Illusion

The night was dark and clouded. Hearing a sudden hubbub, I dragged my feet towards the window, one pane of which lay opened. My heart thudded as if someone was striking a hollow drum with a stob, its pace unreachable. My body underwent the excessive horripilation. I laid my frozen hands on the iron bars and peeped out through the window. A small crowd had gathered in front of my house. I could see my dad talking and nodding to someone and my mom waving her hands vigorously, trying to explain something. Some of them holding sticks and canes ran towards the back of my house with their torch lights on. They scattered every which way and they drifted like the particles of the Brownian Motion. I stood there flabbergasted watching everyone. Few moments later the clique started to disperse. There was an air of unreality suspended right in front of my eyes. My parents tried to find their way back home with a feeling of disappointment painted all over their face.

I wanted to hit the hay within no time, as sleep was lingering all over my eyes. I turned towards the bed. I was taken aback for a moment.

She was sitting on my bed caressing her thick, dark, velvety soft hair. I couldn’t see anything apart from her face. Rest of her body appeared like a silver cloud to me. Her eyes were sharp and it pierced me like an arrow right to the bottom of my heart. I was shaken. I swallowed hard. My hands trembled and I wanted to shove myself off that small square chamber. I wanted to run towards the door and shout for help. But my voice froze inside the voice box. I wished if someone had accompanied me and with their warmth beside I could just melt it off and shout loudly. But nothing happened. The world itself had frozen. Lumps of fright formed inside me, crumbling away all my courage.

I closed my eyes hard praying I see nothing infront of me when I open them again. Slowly I opened my eyes. Wind blew over my face. My bed awaited my embrace, warm and pleasant. The room was empty. I turned off the lights and moved towards my bed.

“Off with the delusions” I thought and went to crash.

I was in a dilemma over whether to believe my eyes or to go with my heart. I couldn’t resist my urge to turn back again. Gaining all the courage that was left within me, I turned back. But I realised that my eyes were shut.

“Open your eyes! Open!” my heart chanted.

I tried hard to detach my eye lids from their adherence, but it got stuck all the more fiercely. Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder. It just remained there. Neither did it move nor did it retreat. I panicked and my body started to tremble. Gaining all the force I pulled off my cover and jumped out of the bed. Even before i could open my eyes, my voice gushed out.

“Move away.Don’t fool me around. I know ghosts don’t exist!” i cried ghastly.

I opened my eyes to see the perplexed face of my mom. She had a cup of freshly blended and sweet smelt filter coffee in her hand. She passed the cup to me and turned towards the door.

“Off with you and your dream,girl!!” she said with a chuckle.

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