A Strange Friend

The door was locked from inside. I banged the door, but nobody opened. I peered through the window.

“Who are you?” A voice interrupted my investigation. I turned back to see a lady closely examining me.

“Ah! Is this where Reshma lives?” I asked trying to hide my enthusiasm.

“Who are you?” She bawled at me.

“I am her friend” I replied calmly.

“Friend? What do you want? She asked.

 “I want to meet her” I said.

“How do you know her?” She threw questions after questions at me and I found it a bit frustrating.

“Is there someone else out here?” I asked lacking patience.

“No” The woman replied arrogantly.

She had a short and stout physique. Her hair was dark brown in colour and a clump of it fell on to her shoulder. Her lower lip bulged out to seem like a small plum and it was painted red. She wore a short, black dress. It had golden laces all over and it looked awful. Her hair was put up and she smelled of roses and jasmines. The olfactory receptors in my nose were stimulated and I realized there is an air of mystery around her.

“Where is Reshma?” I cried.

“She is sleeping. You can’t disturb her” she riposted, looking daggers at me.

“Disturb her? But she said I can meet her any time” I blabbered helplessly.

“You should leave now. Else I may have to call the security” She threatened me.

I looked around the place for some clue. I saw another building to my right. There were so many girls loitering in the corridor. Some were sleeping on the floor, some were day dreaming and some were dancing and playing together. They were all enjoying the moments of freedom. For a moment I couldn’t believe my eyes. They were locked inside that building. Some of them were fighting for money from blokes who took unfair advantage on them and their body. There were drunkards, panders and very innocent ,good looking young girls who are bound to be trapped.

 ‘Is it really happening or is it just a dream?’ I pinched myself to see if it is a dream.

No it is not! It is not a dream! It is for real!

So.. My Friend.. She.. She can’t be.. No.. I can’t believe this..

I dint know anything about my friend.. I didn’t know anything about anyone.. Everything is unreal.. Everything is so ephemeral. Tears filled my eyes . Her imaged slowly faded from my eyes and I walked back to the gate.

“Hey girl” the lady called out. But I didn’t turn back or didn’t bother to reply. I walked faster and faster. Finally my legs started to pain and I came to a halt. A cool breeze swept over my face and it alleviated my pain. I turned round to see I have reached the very same park, where I had met Reshma for the first time. I sank on to the nearby bench.

The evening had set in and along with it the crowd and slowly I joined the swarm all set for the next day.

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