Blessings of God!

As usual I was heading home after work on a Saturday. It was almost 3PM and I was hungry as a bear. I felt like I was losing my vision and the stairs in the platform appeared to me as a barricade. Stairs were the easy way to hit the platform. The way to the escalator strung out like a long suspended bridge in front of me and I had no enough brawn in me to make it to the escalator. Fatigue was sapping my strength. After moments of swaying and wobbling on the staircase like a dry leaf falling from the tree, I accomplished the tedious task. My legs got cramped. I stood still for a moment with my eyes shut and gasped for breath. When I opened my eyes I could see the red light blinking, warning me that the train was going to take off soon. I hurried to the doors and jumped inside, as the train door slammed on me and pushed me in.

The only advantage of Saturdays is that, the trains would be less crowded, unlike the other days. I was at bliss when I was welcomed with an unoccupied seat. I scurried towards the seat. It was then I noticed that actually a small boy has already possessed it. I felt distressed and extremely furious. I looked at him with dislike. His eyes were wet and his face carried a deathly pallor. His siblings were sitting beside him. They were as happy as a clam and playful. I felt bad for him.

Can mothers be cruel???

I was dumbfounded when his mother, who was standing next to me, flung him against the seat. For a moment I couldn’t place what was going on. She went and sat near the boy and squeezed his arms and hit his legs hard on the seat. She pinched him cruelly and whacked him callously.

What the hell was going on??

I had no idea. I turned around to see if anyone else had noticed this drama. To my surprise everyone had, but no one acknowledged. I was panic struck. I wanted to raise my voice, I wanted to call police, but nothing happened. The poor child was sobbing heavily. I could not take it. I left the place and moved to the farthest corner. I got myself seated. I could feel the heavenly solaces flying all over me. My legs had become numb. I thought I was enjoying the most heavenly feeling in the world

But the boy’s cry was breathing down my neck. I peeped to see what the situation was like, but the boy’s cry was even more pathetic. I couldn’t remember his face. All I could see was my son’s face with tears and agony smeared all over. I was deeply hurt.

I knew what motherhood meant. I wouldn’t have felt it this way if weren’t a mother myself. I realized the change in me and I sweared upon god that I would never do this to my son.

Moments later what I saw was the boy hugging his Mom and getting out of the train.

It is a thunderclap to me because I still cannot forgive that mother to an extent. Children are very innocent and divine. They can forgive anyone who has hurt them. They don’t know what is hatred or vengeance. They are the blessings of God. Rather they are God themselves.

2 thoughts on “Blessings of God!

  1. If you travel in country side , such scene are common in villages where mother beat up their children to the hilt! We are talking of child abuse and cruelty in media & print but the reality is a far cry.


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