Dark Love

He clutched her hand hard and frogmarched her into the bedroom. She was grasping her breath and struggling hard to pull round her composure. He grabbed her hair and plunked her on to the bed. She writhed in pain. She wanted to let out a wail, but pulled off on stifling the trauma. He stared at her with utter contempt. She could feel his green eyes penetrating her heart leaving a dark hole of solitude within her. Her face was intact even though her body froze like an effigy. The only sound to be heard were the trickling down of her tears and the soft puffs of her breath.

 He was still glaring at her, his hatred for her being gushed out like globes of fire engulfing her pathetically. For once she felt bad. For once she acknowledged her mistake. For once she accepted her ruthlessness. But it was too late for extenuations. She had cheated on him despite knowing the truth that she had meant the world to him and he was hurt badly. That was the end of it. She knew it.

 The pain he had endured has transformed him. She never regretted. But now she realize. The way she changed him was unfathomable. He had loved her deeply, but now the emotion has swapped itself for hatred and has increased manifold.

He thumped her down on to the floor when she had tried to open her lips to apologize. She was panting hard and small beads of droplets gathered on her forehead. Her cheeks turned a pale shade of pink. She knew it’s all going to get over. A sudden rush of adrenaline aroused her urge to apologize for once and live with him forever.

But once a mistake, always a mistake. She pursed her lips and waited for the conviction. She smiled benignly when he shoved the dagger up her navel. She reached to his cheek for one last stroke and as he warded off her contact, those last words poured out of her lips.

“I am sorry for what I have done”

10 thoughts on “Dark Love

  1. Quite a dark tale… indeed… i know that someone who does mistake should be given a second chance, but today i also face such a dilemma, and i dont feel like forgiving one of my frnd… i dunno what to say, the way u potrayed it is also something i dont approve but… nicely described….


  2. Why did he kill her? Justice is giving back what that person deserves. It was more like revenge.
    Though I don’t like how it ends, it was very well written.


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