Drape it or Dump it!



                You are being invited for a party and you are trying the most out of you to make it on time for the party. You had decided to do your face first and have very well succeeded in it without causing any major destruction. You are completely satisfied with your face which happens only once in a blue moon. Slowly you are moving your feet to the dressing phase and our story starts here.

Scene 1:

                You have been fiddling with ‘It’ for hours on end and each time ending up with a complete catastrophe.

                This is not an easy task as most of you think. You need to have the right amount of aptitude, calculation and patience for it to come out well. After all, a 6m long and almost 1m wide fabric has to blend well with an average lady, who is 5 feet tall and about 15 inches wide. You must be wondering what this is all about.

Yes, I am talking about our very own traditional outfit. THE SARI.

Scene 2:

                You turn around in circles and tuck in a few inches of it to make the length just enough for you. Then you gather the flowy drapery in neatly arranged ruffles and tuck it in again. Finally, somehow you manage to get a layer over your shoulder, falling to your side and reaching up to your calf.

                If you have dealt with tucking in the extra length and there seems to be no much disaster on the sight, you have succeeded in your aptitude test.

                I wonder how our Mommies and grannies carry it off really well. They can even finish these sequences of action in the split of a second and it really is a treat to our eyes.

                Well, let us come back to the test. Since you have managed to pass the initial test which is supposedly the easiest, more tests are awaiting you.

Scene 3:

                You had forgotten to wear your high heels while draping the Sari. Now you are very much likely to be in trouble. You are in a dilemma as to you should do it all over again or not, since the length of the sari is too short and it looks like you have just stepped in to your flooded house. And if you do it, it is highly unlikely of you being lucky again and the whole thing might turn out to be a mess.

Scene 4:

                After solving that issue, your next concern is about walking. You need to know how to walk without tripping over your exorbitantly pricey outfit, which is rather a pain in your neck as the sari keeps getting stuck to your thighs and calves and you have to keep meddling with it and pulling at it until it is back on track again.

                Thrusting forward all these hurdles, you finally make it for the party. By then you have become thoroughly lethargic and shabby, not to mind your make up.

“Dealing with a sari is a laborious task” You think aloud and take a solemn pledge then and there.

“I am not going to wear sari ever again for a party. And that’s it.”

                But sooner or later, you find yourself yielding and deciding where to get your next sari from, for the upcoming function, when you  hear the “oohs and aahs” from your fellow beings and their “You look luuurvely” compliments.

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