New Year

He: So what is it that you are planning for the New Year?

She: Why should I be taking the initiative always? Why don’t you do it this time?

He: God! Spare me!

She: Don’t act like a lazy bum. Get your ass off the couch and start planning something interesting, like…

He: I’m sure it will end up according to your plans no matter what I do.

She: Ok I won’t stick my oars in. It’s all yours. Come on. Now get the show on the roads.

He: How about your dumb friends? Should we invite them too?

She: What do you mean dumb friends?

He: Remember, it was you who gave me this description about your friends.

She: Yea some of them are. But don’t you know M and T are so sweet.

He: I find everyone quite sweet and entertaining.  (Giggles)

She: I hate R. You hate her too, don’t you?

He: Me? Why should I? What’s wrong with her?

She: Oh! As if you don’t know? Don’t you remember the comment she had made about our house, the last time she dropped in?

He: No I don’t. Did she even open her mouth last time? I hardly noticed.

She: Yea you were busy acting like a gawker and were ogling at her. You guys are always oblivious to such malicious comments. I had repeated the very same incident like 100 times.

He: Whateva. I think she is quite sensible.

She: Sensible my foot! What do you guys know apart from gaping at girls?

He: We know so many other things. But tell me why are you getting upset for such a silly reason?

She: ‘Cos my husband is a loving lad who fights with his wife and argues for a stupid insensitive wench.

He: He he. You hate her. So why do you want to call her over for all the functions?

She: ‘Cos I want her to burn herself down with jealousy.

He: You are really crazy!

She: Yes I am. And she is a sensible bitch. Thanks for supporting me. Why don’t you go ahead and marry her? (Ranting with rage)

He: Good Lord! What made me ask this beautiful sweet wife of mine, about that awful bitch?

She: (Trying to smile) So you agree that she is a bitch.

He: Of cos. How dare she talk to my dear wife like that? We should definitely invite her over for New Year and drive her batty with our new furniture set up. (Stifle back laughter)

She: Good idea! Let me call her right away. Thank you sweetu. (Kisses her husband, takes the phone and disappear from the bedroom)

He:  (smiles) Girls are really dumb.  Time for soccer. (Happily takes the remote and turns on the TV)

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