The Anniversary Gift

“Is it a bit too much to ask for?” She roared on top of her voice. She was ranting at the response of her husband who was gaily lounging around in the house. He cared little for the abuse and complaints dished out by his wife. She marched towards him and blocked him, her hands clutching her waist.

“Do you know I’m talking to you? Why can’t you just acknowledge?” She shouted.

“Cool down and I will listen to you.” He said calmly.

“Did you say calm? After the entire drama, I ought to be calm?” She cried.

“What drama are you talking about?” enquired the gentleman.

“Oh! Come on! Act your age! It’s high time you grow up. Am I to believe that you are oblivious to the fact that it is our Wedding Anniversary and you are happily going to go and spend time with your Client? Is she that sexy to drive you steamy all the time? You have got enough time in hand for her, but none for me. Isn’t that right?” she flamed.

“Well, if that is what you think. I can’t argue and waste my time” he said and proceeded to the walk in closet to dress himself up. He took out his new light blue shirt and black linen trousers and put them on. He then ran his fingers through his hair and gelled it up to give a spiky look. He looked smart now. He then took out a well wrapped gift from his cupboard and went towards the shoe rack to find the funkiest shoe he had.

She stomped off towards him.

“Is this gift for her? I wish you had loved me “she said sighing.

“I love you babe. You are very important to me. Just that you didn’t give me time to explain what I was up to. Happy Anniversary” he said passing the gift to her.

“Aww. How sweet. I love you too. I am sorry. I seriously thought you are out for the day” she said beaming and scurried off to get the small box of gift she had for him. She handed it over to him and said. “I am sure you will love it”.

 “Now get on to your heels. I’ve reserved table for 2 at Grand Park for dinner at 7PM” he said moving the lump of hair that had fallen on to her forehead.

“I will be back in a jiffy” She said finding her way to the closet.

He sat back with a sigh thinking how many hours would make a jiffy exactly.

Back in the closet:

She flipped through most of her clothes not being able to decide what to wear. It was then she found a piece of paper sticking out of her husband’s shirt, which had been tossed on to the floor. She pulled it out and opened it.

“See you at Grand Park Sweetheart! Waiting to spend the night with you.””


She fumed all the more and dashed to the living room where he was fiddling with the TV remote. She flung the bit of paper on to his face.

“What is that?” he asked.

“You would know better. Open it” She shouted.

““See you at Grand Park Sweetheart! Waiting to spend the night with you.”

                                                                                Rj “         He read it out.

 “So Rj is your super hot client. You were cheating on me. How dare you?” she cried.

He didn’t utter a word, instead just kept studying the floor.

“Make a choice. NOW.” She screamed

“Darling. I love you, but she is …”

“Stop it. And you shall leave my place in no time” she demanded.

 “The best gift anyone would ever receive on their Anniversary” She cooed and fell on to the couch, tears welling up.

He slowly moved out like a defeated soldier, holding her gift tightly in one hand. He couldn’t resist himself from opening it. He tore open the box as he walked and flung the wrapping paper in to the dustbin. He took out the small bag and opened it. It contained a mini baby set and a note which said

“For a great Dad-to-be”.

His head spinned and he landed on the kerb, tears streaming down his face.

“Let the chips fall where they may”, his mind chanted.

He sprinted towards his house and then to the bedroom, where she lay like an effigy on the bed hugging his gift. His face drooped when she looked at him. Without thinking much he fell on to her feet and pleaded.

“Please forgive me. I need you. I need our baby. Please give me a chance.”

Her mind skipped a beat. She beamed like the cat that got the cream and said

“I love you”

“Never strike your wife – even with a flower.  ~Hindu Proverb”

5 thoughts on “The Anniversary Gift

  1. Hi Divya,
    Wish you a very Happy New Year.
    Loved reading this and also your hilarious post on New Year.
    I will take care to remember the proverb!
    All the Best.
    Keep writing such wonderful stuff.


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