Shopping Time

She: This dress looks cuuuute isn’t it?

He: Yes, why don’t you try it on?

She: Wait, what’s the rush? Let me go through their collection.

He: OK. Such a small shop and they have got a vast collection isn’t it?

She: Yea, I love this shop. Isn’t this dress cuuuute too?

(Aft 45 mins of tossing and flipping of dresses)

She: I think the first one is better. Let me try it out.

He: (Nods trying to stay calm)

She: (comes out of the fitting room) How does it look? (Makes face)

He: Very nice. I think you should buy this.

She: Don’t you realize its old fashion?

He: It really looks good on you. That’s what matters isn’t it?

She: Not really. It is not trendy.

(After 5 mins in the changing room)

She: Sweetheart! Can you please bring me that “cuuute” dress I’d shown you?

He: You had showed me 50 over “cuuute” dresses. Which one are you talking about? Be precise.

She:  Which one did I tell you was super cute?

He: Gosh! Now I am in trouble (murmurs and finds one random dress). Baby here it is!

She:  What took you so long? I’ve been waiting for the past 15mins.

He: They dint have your size Sweet Heart. Err… The lady went all the way down the street to get it from their new stock. (Rolls his eyes and hands it over)

She: Are you crazy? This is the same dress I’ve tried just now. What is it that is bothering you? Can’t even remember a dress!

He: Shit shit! God, help me! Yeah, I know sweetheart, but this looks elegant and lovely on you.

She: Crap! If you are not interested in shopping, I’d rather you tell me directly than behaving so odd.

(Comes out of the fitting room). Let us go. I don’t want to buy.

He: Dear, I’m really sorry. I got confused with all these dresses around. Moreover this shop has got the ever shitty collection. Let’s go and take a look at the other shops around. (Looks scornfully at the wincing salesgirl)

She: You just said that the dress is lovely and elegant. Didn’t you?

He: (avoiding eye contact) Hey look at that. Wow! What a wonderful dress. Come on. Let’s go over and take a look. Thank god we didn’t buy from this disgusting shop. That one is just amazing… stupendous… (Points over to the opposite shop, fishes for more appeasable words and keeps fingers crossed).

She: Reallyyyy?? Yeah. How “cuuuuuuute”.  Let’s go and try it.

(jumps up and down like a small child and hugs  him)

He: (Turns to look at the dumbstruck salesgirl and winks).

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