Heights of Fashion!!!

There were times when my Mom used to give me tongue lashings for wearing torn or faded clothes even at home, let alone  if I were to go out somewhere. Most of the short and faded ones were donated or given off to the needy. We never used to wear loose garments. They were either to be worn by the prodigious figures or were supposed to be kept in the closet until we can substantially fit into it. Hair used to be thoroughly  combed and primly tied in ponies or plaits. It used to be neatly oiled and not even a single strand of it would dare to fall apart or on to your forehead.The final outcome used to be a neat and ship-shaped Me or You.

With the passing of years, I witnessed a high turn over in the world of fashion. I saw the heights of fashion, the heights of recycling and the heights of resourcefulness.
If you want to follow the latest fad, it is high time you dug out your old clothes. The torn.. The faded.. The short.. You name it and it is Fashion.
Short pants have turned out to be capris. Above knee, below knee, ankle length or any length is fashion. A loose, out-sized shirt or tee can be transformed to a trendy baggy outfit by clutching a belt at the waist. You can bid farewell to oil, combs, hairpins and hairbands. Up from sleep and off to work/outing. That would be perfect and there you go, with the most ruffled and sloppy hair and an old, faded, ripped jean and an oversized shirt (optional: can be your Dad’s or elder brother’s) with a high waist belt, the hottest chic in the town. And yeah, dont forget to wear your bathroom slippers.They are in too. 😉

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