Football Fever!

It had always appeared to me like an orb of black and white patches. I had never found anything striking or interesting about it. Most of the girls might agree to my statement.  Yes. I am talking about our very own Football-The game played wid a ball n some steads, which wins millions of hearts”. Where is the fun factor in it when someone gets kicked or thrashed by the opponent? Whatever be the outcome, I can’t dare to hurt myself. It had always appeared as a crazy game to me.  All I know is a soccer team consists of 11 members, there is a goal keeper, and I just cheer for a team. Yes, there are indeed some interesting facts like the game will be over in 90mins and the super hot players. It was after tying the knot that I realized what real soccer is and how a real soccer fan is like. Sleepless nights invaded my life. I have the habit of hitting the bed not late than 10 PM.

When the football fever starts all I would see is my husband gliding from one room to the other. He would be searching for something.  I still haven’t figured out what it is. He just can’t get enough of the game. He will have the laptop and phone beside him. Apart from watching the game, he will check scores online using  his phone and laptop. I was appalled at first by seeing this football mania. I had no idea what was going on. Later on I gained from sources that there would be 2-3 games going on at the same time, from which I gathered what he was trying to do. I  see him when we hit the bed. After a small nap, I get up to see no one beside me. But there would be a busy soul wandering among TV screen, monitor and cell phone. All hell will break lose at that sight. It takes lots of patience and composure to cope up with such a situation. And I am no good at it. So you can imagine the irksomeness I have endured and how much I must have nagged my husband. The only words echoing in the house would be Defenders, Attackers, Mid fielders, Wing backs, Damn it,%^$&^$&, the rest I need not mention. I have no clue what they all mean even now, apart from the literary aspect. But one thing has changed- my ignorance about the game, and all those gabs. I try to sit and watch the game now, but as usual I still will have something more important to do rather than sitting and wasting time in front of the TV swearing the players. I still go nuts when I see his uncontrollable football love, but his dedication is endearing. I now learnt to keep mum. There are certain things in an individual that cannot be changed. Leave it as it is. Learn to accept it. That is one of the lessons I have learnt from my life. Now I have one more little soul at home supporting his dad and talking in his own sweet words trying to explain how the game went. I love to watch him explain and I do feel proud now, he has taken over his dad.

2 thoughts on “Football Fever!

  1. Loved this post. Resonated with me quite a bit!! Its the same thing here – just the game is cricket!! But I was nodding my head all throughout your post!!! I guess we will have to form a club from now on 😉


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