An ode to Motherhood!

“Yes. The little hands are moving. I can feel it.” I said feeling proud.
“is it? Let me get a feel of it.” My mother moved towards me on the couch to gently touch my little bump. But the baby didn’t move.
“You are only 22 weeks. How is that possible?” Mom looked skeptical.
” I can’t quite remember when you actually moved. Hmm. But I thought it takes at least more than 25 weeks or so for a baby to move?” Mom started blabbering.
“Mom! How can you forget these things? These moments are to be cherished forever! Don’t you think so?” I asked with a pride filled tone.
“A baby will start moving when he/ she is 16 weeks. But the movements would be feeble, so you can’t perceive it.” I started my baby centre coaching. That too to a person who has double-experience.
” Yea. But it was a long time ago my dear. Some 25 years back. I can’t even recollect those things that happened few weeks ago, let alone the long 25 years!” Mom said with a sigh.
” But I won’t forget. These things are not silly to me unlike you.” I said.
Mom passed a gentle giggle.
” What?” I asked, getting irritated at the way she was making fun of me.
“Nothing dear. Was just thinking how similar you are to me!”
“What do you mean similar? You can’t remember a thing, but I will be able to. Now where is the similarity?” I asked getting pissed.
“Dear, maternity is like a dream. You can see it, feel it, but once you are out of it, you will have to scratch your head to figure out what had happened or what you had gone through” Mom explained calmly.
“How can you even forget the pain? Come on. It’s absurd. May be you didn’t love me that much.” I was furious this time.
“You will experience it to believe me. But trust me. It’s a bliss.” Mom gave me a soothing smile and glided away from my sight.
“Hey,are you dreaming?” I was awakened by my hubby’s voice.
” Oh no. Was just taking a nap. When did you reach?” I asked getting up from the couch.
“Just now. Why are your eyes wet?” he asked with a smile.
“Missing Mom badly.” I said with a sigh!
“Acha. Acha” My son came running from inside and jumped on to my lap.
He looked at me with a smile on his lips and gave me a bite for not playing with him.
“Ouch”I cried.
Slowly he perched off my lap and stood with a sad face.
“Nothing baby. That was sweet “. I hauled him to me and kissed him on his forehead.

I realize what my Mom said is right. It definitely is a bliss. The Motherhood!
And yes. Now, I have forgotten most of the things I had thought I never would. Just like her.
Now I know what she meant by ” You are just like me.” It might take ages to understand your parents. But one day you definitely will. And that day you will long to have them with you.

4 thoughts on “An ode to Motherhood!

  1. Beautifully written …

    I agree… maternity is like a dream… the thrill and wonderful feeling is greatest then, but soon forgotten when you have your hands full with life to live!


  2. Normal delivery was a horrible dream.never knew if I cud get through.But after I came out of the labor room and husband asked how it all went,I said it was painful but I just cant remember how bad was it..No,NO,Am not as old as ur mother.Baby is only gonna be two..But am still surprised why I cant recollect.Only thing I can remember is the face of that little bundle of joy the nurse had handed over to me.After reading ur post I was tryin to recollect when moved forst..Oh I just cant..Am so carried away by those beautiful memories after birth.Thanks to this post that helps me recollect –
    Have a look and let me know if u liked it


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