Yes, as everyone say Singapore is a small country. But what actually does it call to account?

I have heard people saying “Oh Singapore, such a small country, you can travel around it in one day.” Mind you, these people have not even hit Singapore once.

Yea. May be you can, only if your sole purport is to just travel all around and finish it off.

But being a resident of Singapore I have always wondered why it takes a minimum of 1 hour or 2 to get to any place. Once I step out of the house thinking I ‘ll be back in a jiffy, I am sure it would take “atleast” 2 hours for me to get back.

For a working soul the parameter is not distance, it is time and accessibility. In some instances, time is not directly proportional to distance.

For tourists, I guess it is the same. Yes, just a matter of 3 or 4 days. Singapore has unlimited 24 hour cab service. They are taken care! But trust me; no one will ever finish it off in a day!

So who actually is benefitting from the fact that Singapore is a small country. NO ONE!

I am not going to dig geography out here, but from my day – to – day experience, for an ordinary person who travels in MRTs and Buses, Singapore is quite big. Unless there are so many Aladdins and flying carpets around us šŸ˜‰

So guys when you say you can travel in and out of Singapore in a day, please be precise on what actually you are trying to prove!

And always, my reply to you will be

“Come on, it took more than a day for me to explore just the Universal studios at Sentosa, let alone the whole of Singapore.” šŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “small SINGAPORE

  1. What more pisses me off is you don’t get cab when you need it most i.e. when it’s raining, Friday morning peak hour, Sunday evenings, etc. So forced to take crowded public transport with family.

    Singapore is our 3rd world habitant amongst the first world šŸ™‚


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