That evening I stepped out of the house as usual and went to A’s house which was just a foot away. I only had to shout out her name for a small chat and she would appear in the veranda with all ears. Quite bored at home, I felt like meeting her for the usual sweet chat. I rang the bell and waited for her to open the door. She opened the door a few moments later. Her smile widened as she saw me. Lovely locks fell on to her shoulder. Her eyes were a shade of brown and it was bright. She looked very pretty in that twilight.

“Hey Divya, come in. I have been getting bored and thinking of coming over to your place” A said.

“That’s why I am here”. I said with a laugh.

“Tell me, so what are we doing today? “ A sought interestingly.

“Not sure. Shall we go out for a walk or something?” I was thoroughly confused and wanted to spend time in any possible way.

“Well, in that case, how about cycling? It’s been a while since we went for it. What do you say?” A asked.

I jumped with glee at her suggestion and we decided to go for cycling. I didn’t have a bicycle and I felt extremely happy.

“Mom” I called out and she appeared in the veranda. “We are out for cycling. Will be back in an hour or two.” I said and turned to A.

“Shall we go?” I asked

“Of course”. A replied.

“Careful children” Mom shouted back.

We waved her goodbye and took off. A rides to school daily and she is an expert in cycling. I know how to cycle but as we all know, “experience”-THAT MATTERS 🙂

I walked beside A while she rode and we commented on people and shared gossips. After a while I took over and A walked beside me.

“Hey why don’t you sit at the back?” I asked suddenly.

“Are you sure you want to do that?” A asked.

“Yes. Yes. Let’s do it. DOUBLES”I said adventurously without even thinking about my physique. I was so thin those days. Even a slight breeze could blow me out.

“If you say so” said A and mounted on the bicycle.

Everything went smooth until an auto rickshaw came from back and honked at us. The road was narrow and I started to panic. But I didn’t give up. I gathered all my courage and went ahead. The road narrowed down even more. The driver honked again.

“Divs, let me get down. Or let us give way for that rick.” A said.

My self-esteem curbed me from doing that. With all my confidence I went ahead.

“Not to worry. I shall handle it”. I said with confidence.

The driver wend mad enough to chew nails and tried to overtake us. It was an uphill and however hard I tried to keep my handle steady, it didn’t stay. The effort I took to pedal the bicycle messed up everything. Tada! My handle turned a bit just as when the auto rickshaw overtook us. I only heard a thud. The spokes, the rim and the hub were all in a mess now. The front wheel of the bicycle disappeared. A jumped off the perch and burst out laughing.

I had a series of things running in my mind as the driver was shouting at me. I slowly went behind A’s back. I didn’t understand what my dear friend was laughing for. Mob gathered and asked us to leave ASAP. We pulled the bicycle out of the rickshaw and fled. My mind was going through a roller coaster of emotions.

1. Mom- God! She would scold the shit outta me

2. Dad – No need to even mention, he would definitely give me tongue lashings for spoiling A’s bicycle

3. A – She was laughing, but she should have gone insane for sure, seeing the tragic end of her bicycle.

4. A’s Mom – No idea what she would be upto. She would tell my mom and I would be screwed.

My head started to spin. A while later I found myself and A carrying the bicycle and running home. I was lifting the crushed portion of the bicycle in the front and A was at the back. I turned around to see what A was up to. Her eyes were all teary (out of laughter) and as soon as she saw my face she burst out again. I was at sea and couldn’t gather what was going on. The two happy go lucky friends who dashed off to cycle were then carrying a “so called bicycle” and hurrying home.

“Are you not angry with me for spoiling your bicycle?” I asked worried.

“Not at all” A replied.

We put down the bicycle and laughed our hearts out.

We took turns and stayed in each other’s places. We prepared for our entrance examinations together. We shared an amazing time together.

Destiny!! It took us somewhere. It was hard to maintain a promising friendship.

Destiny!!   It has again taken us to a different place. But this time we were fortunate enough to reach the same place. And yea, we are ready to start our “friendship” all over again 🙂

**Special Dedication to my Dear Friend**

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