“It often happens” ..

The sky was a clear black that night. I could stare at the sky and stand still for hours. Gazing at the star filled sky had always given me an inexplicable pleasure. I had this silly thing in me from childhood, and as I sat on the bench at the playground, trying to pin the strands of my hair fluttering in the soft breeze to the back of my ear, my gaze fell on the Orion. I spotted the Orion just like shooting fish in a barrel. It was clear as crystal and shined vibrantly. Stars were scattered all around like tiny scraps of diamond. It had gotten me into time travelling myself to my very early teenage days. I could hear the screams and howls of children in the background. Soft breeze kept caressing my face. Deep down I felt a prick of loneliness, a feeling that had to be mistaken for the bliss of solitude.
The tiny little pegs kept smiling at me. I felt how close I was to my home. I had caught myself staring at the Orion many a times when I was a girl, and it felt exactly like how it was then.
“Girls, could you help me with a bit of dish washing and laundry?”Mom was screaming from behind.
“Why don’t you guys give yourself a break? Its night time and I don’t want to be disturbing folks around”. Said my Dad. My sister was lounging around, singing to her softly, lost in her own sweet world.
“PK… would you dare to do this? “ I heard my best buddy calling out to me from the terrace, not aware of the fact that it’s high time that we stopped doing adventures and hit the bed. He had a pole in his hand was trying to jump off the parapet wall to the small landing just above the porch. My mom would have screamed her life out if she had watched this show that he had been proudly showing off. Somehow he always managed to crawl into our family during vacations. We had always confronted each other and the mututal animosity later unexplainably led us to a relation which is impeccably pure and close to our hearts.

The pictures have started to fade and along with them the tiny shimmers. Wind started blowing wildly on to my face and clouds took possession of the sky.
“Ämma…”, the little one came and nudged my hand. My gaze shifted from the sky to his face. He was confused with the unfathomable silence. “Amma , it’s raining”. His words were soft as silk and he stared at me quizzically.
I jumped up with a start realising I’m far away from my home. There were only little children accompanied with parents who were rushing back home, around me. It had started to drizzle and I drew my son closer and scooped him out of the playground and found my way towards the elevator. “Amma…” , the little one called again confused by the lack of my involvement. I planted a kiss on his soft cheek and he smiled happily. As the elevator reached 1st storey, we got inside and I mechanically pressed the button which said 6. Slowly the elevator took off the ground and I went along with it, leaving the reminiscences behind, to my own world which has now taken a new dimension. I realized I should stop pondering over the past as my son hugged me tight.
Yeah, there is a whole new bunch of reasons to be happy about!!

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