The Prejudice!!

I was rushing to get to my class as I had already been late for my post lunch session. As the hostel was very close to the college I always had wrong judgement about time. On top of that I made it a practise to take a short nap after the extremely unpalatable lunch offered by our cook. That day I was forced by my sluggishness to take a longer nap and I ended up being late for the class. I grabbed my bag and scurried through the street nudging every obstacle possible. And it is when you get late or hurry somewhere, you run into people who otherwise wouldn’t even bother to give you an acknowledging smile, reach you for a hardly plausible chit chat session. I kept my head down, staring at the road, finding myself possible excuses to avoid anyone who would counter me anytime.

I reached the side gate of our college in front of the post office and I was preparing myself to slide through the gate, a bunch of 3 girls came out, pushing me sideways. One of them cornered me and my bag almost slipped and fell off. They were busy chatting and laughing and left me unnoticed. I fumed and I even felt like slapping the girl who pushed me and got me late by another 5 minutes. I hauled and pulled my bag and it landed on my shoulder. I mumbled to myself and turned and looked at them with contempt. I was skinned alive when one of the girls in the gang turned and smirked at me. I then knew she heard my mutters.

She had sleepy eyes and she wore a salwar, the dupetta flowed over her shoulders. She gave me a wry smile again. I didn’t know if that was her style, but anyway it pissed me off to the core. I knew I didn’t like her and I was soon to hate her. She was an above average stylish girl for that dry Govt College. I met her often after that but she never smiled at me after that incident. Is that the way you behave? I asked myself. I should have at least smiled at her the other day, I thought!

Months flew and I met this same girl at Bangalore, just outside my PG with one of my ex classmates. Again!! I thought. I was rushing to the parlour for my appointment as I was late by 15 minutes as my ex classmate caught me for a chat. I said bye and hurried off. Arrogance again! Isn’t it?

Months later I again met her on Facebook. Her profile said she lives in Singapore. This time something made both of us take an initiative to talk to each other. And there we go! We finally met at “The Coffee Bean “at Toa payoh which was later named as the Famous Coffee bean by us. That clicked and I secured a BFF in my life. Some of them named us as “The Inseparables”. The prejudices died leaving an excellent gift behind. Yea, as they all say, Better late than never!

She is sweet and lovely and gorgeous and caring and what not! And now she is off to India and I miss her terribly. 😦

Girl, this is the best way to show you how much I care for you and love you and I know you will appreciate it. Thanks for being my friend. Love ya!! 🙂


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