The Unspoken truth!!

It was pouring heavily outside accompanied by the fireworks of nature. She sat on the couch with her legs curled up and thinking deeply. One often gets nostalgic or feels low with such weather. But she was least shaken by it.

Her eyes were clear and her face straight. Her hair, which was rebonded lately, was put up and tied very shabbily. Lumps of it fell on to her shoulder and lay just an inch below it. She wore a clear white tee and a khaki pajama. She was always careful about her clothes and she had it neat n crisp.

She was woken up from her dream with a start when Nick called out her name.

“Jes, What are you thinking. You dare not to plot anything against me!” he said in his usual sarcastic way which didn’t budge her even by an inch.

Her face was grave and seeking.

Nick approached her and sat by her side quietly.

“Tell me what is it that is bothering you babe. “Nick pleaded.

She shook her head and changed her position. She pursed her lips and tried hard to give him a smile.

Nick was not convinced by it. But he is not the kind who pushes it too hard.

“I think we should go and pay respect to your mother. It’s been quite a while since we have done that. Don’t you think so? “Nick enquired.

Jes sprang up from the couch with a thud, as if she had been waiting to hear those words from him.

”Exactly! This has exactly been going on in my mind. Thanks for suggesting Nick. Else I would have ended up sitting here pondering what to do! I knew I had to do something. But never thought it was this. Let’s get going. Its quarter to seven. We are already late.”

“Not to worry. We will do well.” Nick said.

Moments later they were at their porch, wearing their helmets. It was only drizzling then. They didn’t wait for a minute.

The bike fled through the streets and finally made its turn to a deserted cemetery.

It was half past seven when they finally landed there. The flower seller had already disappeared and dusk had started to settle in. The birds chirped and flew over their heads, back to their homes. The chirpings finally faded, leaving them alone in that piece of land. There was no one around them.

“Should we go back? Is it a bit too late?” Jes was sceptical.

“No. Let’s quickly finish the prayer.” Nick said.

He walked towards the tomb and Jes followed, holding her “Quran “tightly.

They had no flowers with them, nor did they have their family.


Nick cleared the tomb which was adorned with dried flowers. They were quite soaked in water and had a very unpleasant smell.

Jes sat down and started reading the Quran as fast as she could. Darkness spread all over the cemetery. They felt something wrong. Something was just not right. It was quarter to eight and it became really impossible to see the gate where they had parked their bike.

The intensity of darkness increased and so did the pace of the prayer.


Suddenly they heard a horrible groan. It was coming from their right.

“What? What was that?” Jes asked.

“Finish your prayers fast. Let’s get out of here.”Nick urged.

Jes resumed the prayers and the groan grew all the more intense.

Her voice faltered. She swayed a bit. But she tried to keep strong and continued her prayers.

The whining continued steadily.

Nick felt hair at the back of his neck rise. Chills went down his spine.

As soon as she was done with her prayers, they turned to their right to see the deserted cemetry, which extended few miles. The groan was getting feebler and finally it died off. An air of uncertainty and eeriness prevailed. They both noticed a tomb which looked quite odd and undone, few plots away. It stood out from the rest as it was the only tomb which didn’t have a proper tomb mound and an altar.
An unearthly feeling crept over them and they scurried towards the bike, praising the lord as if they had been given a new life.

The bike again fled through the streets, but this time with a different purpose. It was silence until they saw the image of their house amidst the fog. The door was opened without slightest delay and they flung themselves onto the couch.

It was then they looked into each other’s eyes.

They both looked pale and an unfathomable silence dominated the room.

Jes opened her mouth to say something when Nick stopped her with his words.

“Certain things are better left unspoken”

Courtesy :- M&T for sharing the experience 🙂 Thanks guys!

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