Happy Mother’s Day!

That day was bizarrely strange. Ryan wasn’t as excited as he used to be, on seeing me after work. The normal fooleries and enthusiasm were lacking in him. He came up with a sly smile, threw his arms around me and gave a quick hug. He went back peacefully to what he was doing earlier despite having the normal exchanges we used to have every single day, nothing of the sort that would increase public interest but the small mommy-son bonding talks.  I was a bit shaken with his peculiar behavior  Nevertheless I decided to bother the least about it for the reason that I didn’t want to increase my anxiety. I dragged myself to the wash room for a shower. As usual he welcomed me after the shower with a cheerful smile and a handful of toys. I was pulled back from the world of paranoia to the world of smiles and felt very much relieved. We were back on track and played like nothing ever happened among us.

Moments later we heard the clinking sound of the keys. Ryan threw his toys away and ran to the door. I knew it was his dad and so did he. I went to take a sneak peak. Ryan was all giggles and jumped up and down with his little hands held high up in the air. He was on cloud nine seeing his dad back. He clung on to his dad and explained how his day went. Words gushed out of his little mouth and he chattered incessantly. He had so much to share with his dad that he totally forgot about someone who was left behind, half- stabbed. The twinge of pain in my heart grew worse.

R looked at me with suspicion and from his look I knew what he meant. “He is a child. He loves you more than anyone. This only happens once in a blue moon” Uncontrollable tears trickled down my cheeks and I lugged myself into the room where I sobbed heavily. With a jolt I realized two little hands were tugging my skirt. I raised my face to look at him. “Ï love you mom. I love you both”, he said and jumped on to me with his usual cheekiness, followed by hugs and kisses.  🙂

I knew he was becoming more of daddy’s boy and that was not a reason to complain. I shouldn’t be worried, instead I should be happy. I should be happy that he looks up to his dad. I should be happy he will be a good human being. I realized being a daddy’s boy will groom him better. Dad is always the best mentor.



But just like any other mom I would have loved to say “He is mama’s boy.” 🙂

Happy mother’s day to all the lovely moms out there!



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