Green stars!

Rain was pouring heavily outside, hitting the window panes and splashing haphazardly. I stared at the random motion of the droplets, my mind clear and face grave. Tiny little palms cupped my face and a pair of clear, black eyes glowed at me. The warmth of the soft fleshy palms pierced my chilled body, demanding attention. My gaze shifted to the little treasure, who was seated by my side.


His tiny hands were smeared with green paint and his attempts to print green hands on the paper continued. He squashed up a lump of play doh’ on the floor and made tiny stars out of it. He then headed towards the wall and decorated the wall with those tiny little play doh’ stars. Cocking an eyebrow,he retreated to take a quick glance of the alignment. A self-satisfied smile adorned his lips and he turned to me with his inquisitive eyes.

The tiny array of green stars, even though a bit ironic, looked magnificent to me. Words gushed out of my mouth. “That looks fantastic, Ryan. You are just … BRILLIANT!!!”Ryan beamed at me with pride and planted a soft kiss on my cheek.

Rain continued to splutter on the window panes and so did the green paint on the paper.

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