About me!!!  A very amateur writer, who stepped into this field inspired by the writings of some of my friends and MIL. Just giving it a try. As far as my blogs are concerned ,they have an emotional value.Whatever  I have written is out of my own experience,whether it be direct or indirect.

 Waiting for the feedback n tips from the experienced bloggers out here.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. I stumbled upon this blog through IndiBlogger. I saw your post ‘Big Brother’, and I wondered why you need a big bro so badly when most girls are trying to get rid of the ones they have. Got curious…read your post. Quite good for a beginner. Happy blogging!!


  2. I agree that ur blog comes straight from ur heart.
    U may improve ur writing , may or may not – no guarantee 🙂

    good writing skills.
    Keep it up all the best.


  3. The writing is good. Already expressed my views on so many posts.

    To make your blog look more professional use more widgets. Also, make use of tags n categories to classify your posts.using them will make the retrieval process faster in future.
    Good luck.


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