Bright & Beautiful! – Part 2

Not so Bright now…

We resumed our planning. I had my fair share of driving as R was very tired after the long flight and wanted a nap. S had been to this place earlier and he suggested that we go out to the river that is close to the resort and have a Barbie night the same day. R & V were getting tired as they were not used to such long drives and I kept forcing them to nap as I didn’t want them to throw up. The last thing I would want to do on a holiday is cleaning up the mess.

It started getting chillier as the car wound up the hill and that was when we realized that we all were terribly under dressed for the place. We all were lost in the breathtaking scenic views and completely lost track of time. The unscheduled stops throughout the journey were completely irresistible as we were travelling through one of the most beautiful places on the Earth and passing those spots without capturing the moments felt like a total loss. I finally figured out that the picturesque wallpapers that windows have are for real and I was lucky enough to witness some of them for myself. A visual treat!

It was all fun and laughter until the map showed 1 more hour to our destination, which is the Bogong Village at Bright. Smartphones had turned all of us so smart that we never had any confusion about the place we were heading to, let alone the route. Hailing from Singapore, I couldn’t have imagined of any technical or network glitches all along our way. I totally ignored the fact that we were going to travel close to 250 miles and didn’t have the insight to keep a route map or R&R locations handy. I had trusted my iPhone more than myself 😀

We didn’t want to make any mistake and hence GPS was running on both mine and S’s phone. We were so equipped and had enough battery banks and car chargers. We reached a crossroad and that was when the phones showed two different routes. We were using the same phones and even then, they confused us with the maps. My phone still showed 1-hour whereas S’s started to differ. And suddenly to my surprise network went totally blank on my phone. The car was advancing uphill and I started to panic. S told me his phone looked fine and I was thankful that he had a different service provider. Seconds later his phone went blank too, which left all of us in trauma.

We kept going straight no matter what and this time the crossroad had us in trouble.
I opened the google map only to know that we were in the middle of nowhere and there was a forest on the right-hand side of the road, crossing which is the Bogong Village. So where exactly were we heading?

It was extremely dark outside even though our watches said it was only half past five. R suddenly stopped the car. We all looked up from our phones. Our gazes shifted to R. He just leaned forward and pointed to a board.



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