In search of snow… Part 2

Little did we know about the heart-wrenching sights that awaited us on the other side of the massive barrier. ‘You got to go up to the skiing trail, mate’ called out an anonymous guy, instilling hopes into our hearts. ‘Guys, we have to get our outfits sorted.  Let’s head straight to the cloak room and [...]

In search of Snow… Part 1

After an eventful Bright trip, this time we are all set to explore the snow-capped mountains of Baw Baw Alpine National park. Winter is almost coming to an end. But we have been waiting for my parents to arrive. I had never personally experienced snow in my dear life, even the boys for that matter, [...]

Green stars!

Rain was pouring heavily outside, hitting the window panes and splashing haphazardly. I stared at the random motion of the droplets, my mind clear and face grave. Tiny little palms cupped my face and a pair of clear, black eyes glowed at me. The warmth of the soft fleshy palms pierced my chilled body, demanding [...]