Heights of Fashion!!!

There were times when my Mom used to give me tongue lashings for wearing torn or faded clothes even at home, let alone  if I were to go out somewhere. Most of the short and faded ones were donated or given off to the needy. We never used to wear loose garments. They were either to [...]

Shopping Time

She: This dress looks cuuuute isn’t it? He: Yes, why don’t you try it on? She: Wait, what’s the rush? Let me go through their collection. He: OK. Such a small shop and they have got a vast collection isn’t it? She: Yea, I love this shop. Isn’t this dress cuuuute too? (Aft 45 mins [...]

New Year

He: So what is it that you are planning for the New Year? She: Why should I be taking the initiative always? Why don’t you do it this time? He: God! Spare me! She: Don’t act like a lazy bum. Get your ass off the couch and start planning something interesting, like… He: I’m sure [...]