A Flashback!!! chapter 2

Chapter 2 The Preparation That evening… I was very much excited to pack my stuff. I had all new things around me... Clothes, sandals, bags, toiletries, make up stuff n everything…  I pulled out the new bag from the closet and started stuffing it. I opened the cupboard and took out the new pair of [...]

A Flashback!!!

Chapter 1 My Friend I had a friend… A great friend!! We had 4 years of our life together in the same hostel, in the same room.. Our beds lay side by side, our plates and books were kept together in the same cupboard. We shared everything, even the silliest thing. She named me Dolly [...]

Juz another day..

I had sunk in solace on the spring couch under a soothing comforter after a very pensive and nostalgic sleepless night.…I love juz being melancholic at times..It is a very strange feeling..But the previous night I was just slipping into thoughts…I would rather call it memories.. A busy Monday… As usual the streets are fully packed. [...]

A friend!!!

It was just another fine sunday... As usual i got up late... I peered through the bedroom window .. I could see the city has already awakened .. The church is just a few feet away from my apartment...Folks were gushing in and out of the church...I hurled out of bed and freshened up..  Had a light breakfast... Since my husband works [...]