A friend!!!

It was just another fine sunday… As usual i got up late… I peered through the bedroom window .. I could see the city has already awakened .. The church is just a few feet away from my apartment…Folks were gushing in and out of the church…I hurled out of bed and freshened up..  Had a light breakfast… Since my husband works on sundays i would be busy  hoovering and cooking… Also would be engaged in some usual chats with my dearest friends and mom… I would try to keep me occupied the whole day..
            Mornings are always fresh..Like any other day it would  be a day which gives us a spark of hope and desire..a new begining..a day to forget the past and start afresh… But sundays are the days which gift me with loneliness, home sickness and gloominess… And must be cos of this,I HATE SUNDAYS….
              I just love to lazy at home on sundays… no shopping, no travelling, no playing…. Sit  in front of the TV, watch some comedy stuff, movies; eat and sleep… thats a perfect sunday to me… and in between i get calls from my husband….He knows im a lazy bum..So he calls now and then to check if im having my meals properly… 
                 As usual i opened my inbox to check mails….. no new mails.. cos id already checked my inbox the previous day….Who will send mails early in the morning…That too on a sunday… yeah..Krazzzy me… So I thought i would hit the hay to catch some sleep as it would be foolish to sit alone and get depressed…Just before logging out i got a pop up saying new message received .. I was more than happy to open it….It was from a friend of mine who went to native for a vacation…She is the mother of two kids…She had twins..Two lil munchkins…I started reading the mail..
            Gosh…… SUNDAY DISASTER …The news shattered me… i started walking around the room restlessly …. i could not accept the truth… I acted uncredulous…I called some of my friends to check if the news was true and real.. They all said YES without any mercy….I called up my husband to share this piece of bad news… Mebbe he can console me and understand how i feel…i wanted to portion out my emotions…And that Sunday ended up as the worst sunday one could ever have…
                The mail was all about our common friend…A sweet, cheerful young lady… SHE PASSED AWAY …  I had met her a few months ago..After that she was missing… I remember her saying that they bought a house close to where we stay and she was all excited about it…. She was a very sweet person… and her sweetness can be seen reflected on her 2year old son… I never knew she was in her native to take treatment for the most dreaded disease… Tears rolled down my cheeks… I couldnt  imagine the condition of her kid and husband… For a sec i was breathless…
God is cruel sometimes.. i said to myself…
I dont know why God is being partial at times…Why cant he shower a drop of mercy on the kid.. Or will HE take care of her son more than how she could have done??She would have had an urge to live whenever she saw her cute lil pie and would have prayed for it…..The entire family and friends must have prayed for her life…How can HE (The God Almighty ) neglect those prayers???? 

One thought on “A friend!!!

  1. It’s definitely not bit too much to ask for. But almighty has his own way of running this world which is beyond our understanding.

    May her soul RIP n god shower his blessings on babies. Amen!!!


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