Juz another day..

I had sunk in solace on the spring couch under a soothing comforter after a very pensive and nostalgic sleepless night.…I love juz being melancholic at times..It is a very strange feeling..But the previous night I was just slipping into thoughts…I would rather call it memories..

A busy Monday… As usual the streets are fully packed. Folks scampering off for work with easily perceptible Monday blues on their faces..I felt they are suspended and drifted with the flock like clouds high up in the air … Vehicles are gushing in and out of the junction without having consideration for the pedestrians and two wheelers..Somehow I made it to the bus stop.Commuters thronged the platform.. They nudged each other when the bus slowly glided in and ran towards the vacant seats heralding the victory of finding a place…I struggled to take a breath in that huddle holding my handbag close to my chest.. Finally the stop arrived and I got down with lot of hardship..

I dashed out to board a cab since I was already getting late.. Without much difficulty I managed to find one.. I reached the office without hurting me unlike the previous bus journey…”This commute is a pain..Wish I had my own transport” I said to myself..

I fled on the stairs, without even waiting for the lift, to reach my cubicle and put down the bag on my side and sank into my pushback chair..Took a deep breath and no sooner had I realized than I opened my workspace that today is the deadline to meet my target… Gosh!!! No time to take a breath tho’..Had to submit all the paperworks before 3PM at the conference hall accompanied by a short preach…

I thought “ Y the hell am I working?? Too much of tension and pressure. Y take this stale shit!!!”Nevertheless I carried off the situation.. I winded up my work and dashed to the conference room, recollecting what had happened during the last week conference where I was late and held up like a clown for the managers to tease and the subordinates and fellow workers to laugh at… I smashed onto the door and found a cosy corner for myself..Everything went on well..

Back in my cubicle I sat peacefully savouring a cup of coffee.. Now I had the exact opposite thoughts in me.. Feel like heaven when we get a compliment from the manager or kudos from our co workers for the remarkable achievement..which happens seldom.. Its 5.30PM..Time to pop off.. I was churned up thinking of the disgusting commute back..

“Heaven… Ive reached home…”I couldn’t resist myself plunging onto the couch as soon as I opened the door…After a short nap I realized my hubby is doing night shit…Gosh… got to cook for dinner…I jumped out of the couch and ran to wake him up and dashed to the kitchen to cook.. After having shower we had dinner together and he left for work..” Poor thing!!! He is taking care of me like a child….” I thought.. He is very loving…

Back to my solitary life… This is when I get back to dreams and memories… No more house work , nothing else to be worried of.. I turned on the music…As I enjoyed every beat of it, I was taken to a diff world, where there is only peace and happiness..

Those childhood days… when we were taken away by beautiful butterflies and were fascinated seeing their bright colours… The days when we used to cry when someone grab the flower which we had held close to heart with so much of love…When mom dresses up the silly wounds with so much of care and we cry out loud as if she is trying to hurt us….when she cooks something we relish the most and feed us…those innocent smiles… Dads love… Fights with sister…A short family trip to a nearby place with no much poshness.. Just a ride with dad on the old scooter which my dad had , for a short break during the exam eves…It meant a lot to me… Family shows which we watch together… When i get scoldings from Dad for playing during the exam eves, how I used to go n hide in the bathroom..and come out after making sure he has calmed down…. There was no mobile phone,,no ipod nor laptop to keep oneself busy…We spent our time together… with our family.. and it meant more than anything to them..i mean to our dearest parents…Those sweet days…Felt like being a child all over again…and fall on the lap of my parents..

Then came the college days very dry and boring… I was elated when I was placed in an MNC at one of the posh metropolitan cities… I was very proud to have a good job.. But I could see the pain on my Dad’s face..But he never stopped me from what I wanted to have..Amazing were those days with my greatest friend around, to whom I could flush out my heart..All the fun we used to have.. All the movies we had watched and the shopping we had done came to my mind like a movie trailor… Awww… That was a lovely time… And I love being in those memories….

Now that im away from my parents, sister and friends, I realize how happy those days were… and how much I miss them…But I know its only cos of my sweet hubby im getting over it…

“Oops… I gotta go catch some sleep.. its already 12..Have to start the next mission in 6 hours time…But I devoured the memoirs…
”I went to hit the bed…

Waiting for the door to be opened for a welcoming day……..Hope the dreams take me there..

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