The verdict of a F.R.I.E.N.D

“Good Morning” i said softly without meeting her eyes.
“Morning” she replied, her voice warm and welcoming.
I smiled and retreated myself from the conversation. I tried to hide myself among the three corners of the glass cubicle.
I could see her standing there, still waiting for me. I didn’t dare to go back and start the conversation all over again.
Finally she gave up and glided towards her room. She shut the door behind her which proclaimed “Managing Director”.
I met her again at the cafeteria for lunch, but i wasn’t welcoming. She came to me and asked ” Can I join You?”
I kept mum. Taking it as an approval she sat beside me. I lost control over the situation. I threw my plates on the table and got up and awfully pushed my chair away.
“Please leave me alone” I said and turned to walk out.
She held my hand and pleaded. ” Please listen to what I have to say. I have no one but you.”
I shrugged off her hand and walked hastily.
She used to be my best friend. Then why did i do this to her. Why do I feel like a square peg in a round hole whenever she comes near me. I do not know.
But her eyes always pleaded for my chat, her lips always murmured apology. But why?
She is no close to me anymore. She has risen to a different level and I feel so odd when i go near her. I had run away from all my childhood memories, but destiny, it brought me to her again. Why -oh- Why?

I will still keep absconding. But will I never be her friend again. For all the deceptions and embarrassments I have taken and for all the hard times she had given me to possess what she holds now , this is how woe betide her.
Be a friend if you are one!

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