Voice Of God

As usual the school bus dropped me in front of my house and I ran past the gate. Sitting on the stairs at the entrance I removed my shoes and threw it to one side. I headed towards the door wondering why my Mom failed to open the door that day. I fumed. I need to see Mom’s face as soon as I get down the bus. So she would be waiting for me at the door daily. Today it didn’t happen and I was really pissed off. I didn’t wait to ring the bell or knock the door. I tried to open it. No. T’was locked. We had a small boundary wall and all our relatives lived nearby. Ours is a close-knit family. I jumped over the boundary wall and ran to my grandma.

That was our ancestral home. The pebbled paving beautifully lined with pots of roses and lilies led to the massive Padippura. They were adorned with the auspicious hanging Laxmi lamps. The aura of sanctity would be extremely overwhelming to anyone.

I glided through the opening of the enormous front door and walked all the four sides of the courtyard yelling out. But no one heard me. Finally I thrust opened one of the bedrooms which is supposedly my grandma’s. As soon as I entered she heaved herself out of the bed. Regardless of her condition, I started complaining. About how the door was locked and I was treated after a long day at school, how nobody answered me even after yelling on top of my voice, about how my grandma refused to hear me when I entered the house. I finally broke into tears. She got up and called me by her side. Her eyes were wet and they had turned a shade of red. Her face was so weak, yet she maintained the composure, unwilling to yield to the agonies life had given her. She called me by her name. I noticed her voice was trembling. I could smell a rat. I pulled myself together and asked her what the matter was. From the broken words that came out of her mouth, I gathered my Mom was in the hospital.

I panicked. I didn’t know what was going on. She was too weak to say something more. There was no one in the house. I didn’t give up. I asked her again and again. Finally I got the idea that my Dad had an accident. Tears trickled down my face. I wanted to go and see my dad. But where? There was no one out there and I didn’t know where he was. My Grandma advised me to be patient and they would be back soon. There was nothing I could do to push forward my day. I hoped someone would call me and give me more details. Thoughts started filling my mind.

Will my dad be alright? Will he be safe? What would be my Mom doing? How could we live without our dearest Dad?

After 3 hours I got a call from my uncle saying my Dad is doing perfectly fine and it was a close shave. He could have lost his life, but God was with us. That was exactly what he told me. I ran around the front yard like a butterfly. I didn’t think my heart could be lighter anymore. That was a feeling of ecstasy. For once I thanked God from the bottom of my heart! May be its after this incident my Dad started going to temples. He was not a complete atheist, but he was against idol worship. But, maybe that very moment, he would have called GOD for help and HE had blessed him with his life, in fact blessed all our lives!

Later when my Dad was all fine and discharged from the hospital, I asked him what he was feeling then. He described that “moment” to me. The moment he saw death in front of his eyes.

He was hit by a bus and was thrown to the other side of the road beneath another bus. He was all fine. But he couldn’t get up because the scooter he rode was on top of him. He could see the rear wheels of the bus approaching him (He would have prayed hard). Moments later a man screamed out “There is a man underneath”.

I like to believe that that was  the Voice Of God. The only thing that stopped the bus driver from moving ahead!

It’s great to have our parents around. There is nothing more valuable than them in this world! So cherish them!



Yes, as everyone say Singapore is a small country. But what actually does it call to account?

I have heard people saying “Oh Singapore, such a small country, you can travel around it in one day.” Mind you, these people have not even hit Singapore once.

Yea. May be you can, only if your sole purport is to just travel all around and finish it off.

But being a resident of Singapore I have always wondered why it takes a minimum of 1 hour or 2 to get to any place. Once I step out of the house thinking I ‘ll be back in a jiffy, I am sure it would take “atleast” 2 hours for me to get back.

For a working soul the parameter is not distance, it is time and accessibility. In some instances, time is not directly proportional to distance.

For tourists, I guess it is the same. Yes, just a matter of 3 or 4 days. Singapore has unlimited 24 hour cab service. They are taken care! But trust me; no one will ever finish it off in a day!

So who actually is benefitting from the fact that Singapore is a small country. NO ONE!

I am not going to dig geography out here, but from my day – to – day experience, for an ordinary person who travels in MRTs and Buses, Singapore is quite big. Unless there are so many Aladdins and flying carpets around us 😉

So guys when you say you can travel in and out of Singapore in a day, please be precise on what actually you are trying to prove!

And always, my reply to you will be

“Come on, it took more than a day for me to explore just the Universal studios at Sentosa, let alone the whole of Singapore.” 🙂

Onam – The reminiscences of a gaiety

That morning was exceptionally beautiful. The nature was charmingly bordered with fog. The tiny globs of water gave life to the little flowers. I wondered why I never got to see these delightful sights. Was it the morning sun spreading the magic? I suppose not. I never used to get up so early and lounge around in the courtyard enjoying nature’s beauty. It really was fabulous.

Birds were chirping and I could hear some old music being played from a nearby house. Yes, I knew it was from Anju’s house. Anju is my childhood friend. We had decided to meet at temple at sharp 8 AM. It was already 7 AM. Where are these folks, I wondered.
“Sis” Ammu called out from a distance.
“Shall we?” she asked.
” How long will you guys keep me waiting? Where are the rest?” I freaked out.
“We are here ” Radhu and Renu said in a chorus.
“Deeps ( my Sis) will be reaching soon. I got to meet Anju at the temple at 8. I will have to run errands. Can we make it fast for god’s sake?” I was flusterred.
” You and your friend. You only have time for her. Why can’t you be with us? JUST US?” Ammu started off with her usual complaints.
” I need my friends too.” Now that was mean. I know.
” I meant she is our family friend. How can I neglect her?” I started blabbering.
” Whatever. Now let’s get to our feet ” Radhu ordered.
Renu was as usual pleasant and quiet.
” Where’s Gopu?” I enquired.
Gopu is Ammus brother. And all of them my cousins.
” He went to temple with dad” Ammu said.
” Now that’s like a good boy. Look what we are upto. Plucking flowers. When will we get the flower carpet done? When will I reach temple?” I started screaming again.

Moments later we were at home doing the Pookkalam. A quick visit to each house was a part of the routine. Done with it, and we were off to temple at sharp 8.
Anju was waiting for us at the entrance. We always spoke as if we were meeting for the last time So many informations and news to share at one stretch. Finally when i knew i was getting late, dashed home waving her goodbye.

” Oh they are here already” I heard Ammu shouting.
I ran inside to see my sister.
“Hey Deeps. When did u guys reach?” I enquired.
” Just now. Hows your day so far?” She asked.
” Nice. Infact awesome!” I replied.
Yes it really was such a great day.
By noon, almost everyone joined us and we had a great family re union.
The taste of the sumptuous meal prepared my mom and aunts still linger in my mouth.
Games, songs, dances were all part of the festival.
Family and relatives are the best blessings one can have!
All the laughters and fun echoed in our houses.
Finally when it dawned, everyone waved goodbye and the day ended with a warm feeling of belonging and we looked forward to meeting them for the next festival.
Now it is exactly that feeling I’m missing. The feeling of belonging. My family, my friends, my country. I miss everything.
But still I try to celebrate our wonderful Onam with the reminiscences of the past. I would do whatever i can to make it happen . Cos, I believe my son would never get a chance to celebrate it like how we used to. For him, I will make it happen! Now I’m blessed with a small family- my husband and son. For them, I will make it happen!

Wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous Onam!!

An ode to Motherhood!

“Yes. The little hands are moving. I can feel it.” I said feeling proud.
“is it? Let me get a feel of it.” My mother moved towards me on the couch to gently touch my little bump. But the baby didn’t move.
“You are only 22 weeks. How is that possible?” Mom looked skeptical.
” I can’t quite remember when you actually moved. Hmm. But I thought it takes at least more than 25 weeks or so for a baby to move?” Mom started blabbering.
“Mom! How can you forget these things? These moments are to be cherished forever! Don’t you think so?” I asked with a pride filled tone.
“A baby will start moving when he/ she is 16 weeks. But the movements would be feeble, so you can’t perceive it.” I started my baby centre coaching. That too to a person who has double-experience.
” Yea. But it was a long time ago my dear. Some 25 years back. I can’t even recollect those things that happened few weeks ago, let alone the long 25 years!” Mom said with a sigh.
” But I won’t forget. These things are not silly to me unlike you.” I said.
Mom passed a gentle giggle.
” What?” I asked, getting irritated at the way she was making fun of me.
“Nothing dear. Was just thinking how similar you are to me!”
“What do you mean similar? You can’t remember a thing, but I will be able to. Now where is the similarity?” I asked getting pissed.
“Dear, maternity is like a dream. You can see it, feel it, but once you are out of it, you will have to scratch your head to figure out what had happened or what you had gone through” Mom explained calmly.
“How can you even forget the pain? Come on. It’s absurd. May be you didn’t love me that much.” I was furious this time.
“You will experience it to believe me. But trust me. It’s a bliss.” Mom gave me a soothing smile and glided away from my sight.
“Hey,are you dreaming?” I was awakened by my hubby’s voice.
” Oh no. Was just taking a nap. When did you reach?” I asked getting up from the couch.
“Just now. Why are your eyes wet?” he asked with a smile.
“Missing Mom badly.” I said with a sigh!
“Acha. Acha” My son came running from inside and jumped on to my lap.
He looked at me with a smile on his lips and gave me a bite for not playing with him.
“Ouch”I cried.
Slowly he perched off my lap and stood with a sad face.
“Nothing baby. That was sweet “. I hauled him to me and kissed him on his forehead.

I realize what my Mom said is right. It definitely is a bliss. The Motherhood!
And yes. Now, I have forgotten most of the things I had thought I never would. Just like her.
Now I know what she meant by ” You are just like me.” It might take ages to understand your parents. But one day you definitely will. And that day you will long to have them with you.

Football Fever!

It had always appeared to me like an orb of black and white patches. I had never found anything striking or interesting about it. Most of the girls might agree to my statement.  Yes. I am talking about our very own Football-The game played wid a ball n some steads, which wins millions of hearts”. Where is the fun factor in it when someone gets kicked or thrashed by the opponent? Whatever be the outcome, I can’t dare to hurt myself. It had always appeared as a crazy game to me.  All I know is a soccer team consists of 11 members, there is a goal keeper, and I just cheer for a team. Yes, there are indeed some interesting facts like the game will be over in 90mins and the super hot players. It was after tying the knot that I realized what real soccer is and how a real soccer fan is like. Sleepless nights invaded my life. I have the habit of hitting the bed not late than 10 PM.

When the football fever starts all I would see is my husband gliding from one room to the other. He would be searching for something.  I still haven’t figured out what it is. He just can’t get enough of the game. He will have the laptop and phone beside him. Apart from watching the game, he will check scores online using  his phone and laptop. I was appalled at first by seeing this football mania. I had no idea what was going on. Later on I gained from sources that there would be 2-3 games going on at the same time, from which I gathered what he was trying to do. I  see him when we hit the bed. After a small nap, I get up to see no one beside me. But there would be a busy soul wandering among TV screen, monitor and cell phone. All hell will break lose at that sight. It takes lots of patience and composure to cope up with such a situation. And I am no good at it. So you can imagine the irksomeness I have endured and how much I must have nagged my husband. The only words echoing in the house would be Defenders, Attackers, Mid fielders, Wing backs, Damn it,%^$&^$&, the rest I need not mention. I have no clue what they all mean even now, apart from the literary aspect. But one thing has changed- my ignorance about the game, and all those gabs. I try to sit and watch the game now, but as usual I still will have something more important to do rather than sitting and wasting time in front of the TV swearing the players. I still go nuts when I see his uncontrollable football love, but his dedication is endearing. I now learnt to keep mum. There are certain things in an individual that cannot be changed. Leave it as it is. Learn to accept it. That is one of the lessons I have learnt from my life. Now I have one more little soul at home supporting his dad and talking in his own sweet words trying to explain how the game went. I love to watch him explain and I do feel proud now, he has taken over his dad.

The verdict of a F.R.I.E.N.D

“Good Morning” i said softly without meeting her eyes.
“Morning” she replied, her voice warm and welcoming.
I smiled and retreated myself from the conversation. I tried to hide myself among the three corners of the glass cubicle.
I could see her standing there, still waiting for me. I didn’t dare to go back and start the conversation all over again.
Finally she gave up and glided towards her room. She shut the door behind her which proclaimed “Managing Director”.
I met her again at the cafeteria for lunch, but i wasn’t welcoming. She came to me and asked ” Can I join You?”
I kept mum. Taking it as an approval she sat beside me. I lost control over the situation. I threw my plates on the table and got up and awfully pushed my chair away.
“Please leave me alone” I said and turned to walk out.
She held my hand and pleaded. ” Please listen to what I have to say. I have no one but you.”
I shrugged off her hand and walked hastily.
She used to be my best friend. Then why did i do this to her. Why do I feel like a square peg in a round hole whenever she comes near me. I do not know.
But her eyes always pleaded for my chat, her lips always murmured apology. But why?
She is no close to me anymore. She has risen to a different level and I feel so odd when i go near her. I had run away from all my childhood memories, but destiny, it brought me to her again. Why -oh- Why?

I will still keep absconding. But will I never be her friend again. For all the deceptions and embarrassments I have taken and for all the hard times she had given me to possess what she holds now , this is how woe betide her.
Be a friend if you are one!

Heights of Fashion!!!

There were times when my Mom used to give me tongue lashings for wearing torn or faded clothes even at home, let alone  if I were to go out somewhere. Most of the short and faded ones were donated or given off to the needy. We never used to wear loose garments. They were either to be worn by the prodigious figures or were supposed to be kept in the closet until we can substantially fit into it. Hair used to be thoroughly  combed and primly tied in ponies or plaits. It used to be neatly oiled and not even a single strand of it would dare to fall apart or on to your forehead.The final outcome used to be a neat and ship-shaped Me or You.

With the passing of years, I witnessed a high turn over in the world of fashion. I saw the heights of fashion, the heights of recycling and the heights of resourcefulness.
If you want to follow the latest fad, it is high time you dug out your old clothes. The torn.. The faded.. The short.. You name it and it is Fashion.
Short pants have turned out to be capris. Above knee, below knee, ankle length or any length is fashion. A loose, out-sized shirt or tee can be transformed to a trendy baggy outfit by clutching a belt at the waist. You can bid farewell to oil, combs, hairpins and hairbands. Up from sleep and off to work/outing. That would be perfect and there you go, with the most ruffled and sloppy hair and an old, faded, ripped jean and an oversized shirt (optional: can be your Dad’s or elder brother’s) with a high waist belt, the hottest chic in the town. And yeah, dont forget to wear your bathroom slippers.They are in too. 😉